Monday, March 23, 2015

Gibson J45

I traded an inexpensive Regent acoustic and a very nice "Lincoln" Les Paul copy and a Peavy bass amp for this 1970 Cherry Sunburst Gibson J45 at Sandy's Music in Cambridge, MA in 1995.  I took my two funky guitars and amp in thinking I would trade them in on something. The two guys working there looked them over and said sure I could trade them in on something. What was I looking for? I said I wasn't sure and started to look around. One of them said "Wait here a second".  He went in the back room and came out with this J45. He said it wasn't pretty and the headstock had broken off and they had just finished repairing it but to give it a strum. I did that. It sounded amazing, a real player. I gave them my two guitars and walked away with it and I have never stopped playing it. Evidently it was made at the Nashville plant or in Kalamazoo.

Gibson J45, 2015

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