Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paul Henry Ray, Jimmy Vaughn and the blue Stratocaster

I bought a cobalt blue USA Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood fretboard in 1991 in Boston on a whim. I was just looking around the shop and saw the guitar and thought the color was great. I never had a new electric guitar. I had a job, I had money, I bought it. I kept it until 2007, when I finally realized I hated the color and I hated the skinny neck on it. I traded it for a black Gretsch ProJet and a black Fender Aerodyne Telecaster. It was a very good trade but now I had no Strat. So in 2008, I found a guy on Ebay named Blurred Carl in New Hampshire who made Stratocasters with Mighty Mite bodies and necks and Kent Armstrong pickups. He had one in the color I always wanted, Daphne Blue. It now has Fender 57/62 pickup set in it. The neck is perfect for me. It is always the guitar I go back to. 

Sometime in 1972 when I was living in Austin, Texas, with Paul Henry Ray and Diana Thomas (now Diana Ray) Paul's bandmate in The Storm - Jimmy Vaughn - came over with a pale blue Stratocaster that he had just gotten at a pawn shop. It had rhinestones on the front of it. I always thought that was the coolest guitar I had ever seen. Jimmy's younger brother Stevie Ray was the guitarist in Paul Ray and The Cobras. 

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